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CALORIE JUMP GADGET We all know that jumping the rope is one of the healthiest activities at hand, a sport we've practiced since childhood mostly for fun, and that can be quite useful to an adult as well. And now, for the people jumping the rope in order to lose some weight has been developed a very special device, called the Calorie Jump, which, although it looks like one, is more than just a regular rope, as it also measures the number of burned calories. Thus, this innovative product, which has a total length of 3 meters, includes in the handle a special device that, depending on the number of jumps carried out by the user, computes the number of consumed calories and displays them on an LCD screen. This is quite an important feature because it allows the user to see at all times the results of their efforts and focus rather on the quality of the exercises than on the number of jumps. The device is equipped with multiple dedicated buttons supposed to help you in this daily activity. For instance, it provides a reset button, a mode button that allows you to switch between the pre-defined modes and a weight button. In addition, the LCD display helps you access very important information provided by the device such as the burned calories and the number of jumps you have performed. The Rotator, which is actually the end of the rope, allows you to rotate the device in both directions so it shouldn’t be a problem to use it however you want. Just think at the childhood games when most kids were playing all kinds of interesting games with the rope. Buying one of these ropes will make you spend approximately 40 bucks which is quite a moderate price for a device that may help your improve your fitness, and without too much effort

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