Gaddafi Essay

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Gaddafi: Dictator or Liberator? An overview of the life story of Muammar Gaddafi invokes lots of historical discourses about world politics. Recently killed by his own people in an uprising which was a part of the Arab Spring Movement for the overthrow of dictators, he is definitely a controversial political figure neither being the good guy or bad guy. This is best exemplified by the title of a recent TV documentary about his career: “Gaddafi: Our Best Enemy”. The question about Gaddafi is that how could a ruler who was welcomed by Western powers just a few years ago in 2009 G-8 summit could be killed and overthrown from power by the opponents in his own country who were supported by those vey Western powers both financially and militarily. In my opinion, what is more interesting about Gaddafi is not himself in this sense but the issue of if traces of Western domination of the world can be found in his relations with the West throughout his career and his end at their hands. Above all, Gaddafi was an Arab Muslim in the opposition with the West in the sense that he and his country was a powerful symbol of political Islam often associated with backing up international terrorism by the West. The process that started the downfall of Gaddafi is actually the War Against Terror began by the US with the invasion of Afghanistan to catch the al Qaida leader Bin Laden who was behind the bombing of Twin Towers in Septermber 11, 2001 Events. Soon this War Against Terror turned towards official leaders of Middle Eastern countries beginning with Iraq with the invasion by US on the ground that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons which threatened the world peace. After occupying Iraq and killing thousands of civilian Iraqis, soon Saddam was caught and hanged. The emphasis of achievement in the Western dominated media including Turkey was that American overthrow of Saddam was the

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