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Gac012 Assessment Event 3 Essay

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GAC013 Assessment Event 1 : Scientific Investigation and Report

Does our sense of touch differ on different parts of the body?

Student’s Name: Hado Min
Student ID:
Teacher: Chung Sunny
Due Date: 2012 -07- 16  
Word Count: 415
Table of Contents

Abstract 3
1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Research Methodology 3
3.0 Research Results 3
4.0 Discussion 4
5.0 Conclusion and Recommendations 4
6.0 Appendices 5
7.0 References 7

This scientific investigation is progressed to find out what are the most sensitive parts of the different body. Before starting the experiment, the examiner choose upper thigh, lower leg, back neck, finger tip and upper back to perform   The examiner performs the experiment to 21 subjects with the tool and smoothes 2times.            
1.0 Introduction
This experiment is performed to prove out the sensitivity of different parts of the body. Most people think, the upper part of the body will have the most sensitive feeling to touch. This affected when establishing my hypothesis. The examiner assumed my ranking upper thigh the most sensitive, then lower leg, then back neck, last finger tip and finally upper back the least sensitive.
2.0 Research Methodology
Starting this experiment, mechanical pencil’s back was used to perform the experiment. First, examiner decided to perform this on 21 students of classmates. Then established the sensitiveness ranged from 1 to 5. The bigger the number, the sensitiveness gets bigger. Then the examiner smoothed with the pencil back and forth about 3 times, processing from upper back, back neck, last finger tip, upper thigh and lastly lower leg. Next, the examiner required the experimenter to tell the degree of sensitivity. When the experiment was over, it was held once more.
3.0 Research Results
To organize the results in table I made 2 tables, X axis establishing the body parts, Y axis, student’ s names and in the middle, put the values of...

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