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Soccer is a kind of sport which is really entertaining to watch, some people may ask: “Why is soccer so boring? Sometimes there is even no goal in a match!” However, soccer or football as it is known all over the world, is indeed the most popular sport in China. It is easy and cheap to learn and play, helps us improve cooperation ability and body strength. It is neither difficult nor expensive for a person to play soccer, he or she just needs to get a ball and find a place to kick it. Not to mention other sports, just compare soccer with basketball, you will find that soccer does not require as many skills as basketball does. The very simple reason that I cannot or do not play basketball is that I could not understand how to drill the ball and shoot it into the basket. To be honest, Jack was the guy who advised me to play soccer with him. After that, I fell in love with this exciting sport. As a result, finding some friends and going out to play soccer become one of the most enjoyable things in my life. Playing soccer can develop our capability of cooperation and conjunction. There are 11 people for one team to appear on the pitch at the same time for a regular formal match, which means that everyone included needs to cooperate well with his teammates. If one makes even a small mistake, the opponents may get a chance to pounce and score a goal. Football can enhance people’s communication as well. Only with appropriate communication, the strategy can be demonstrated well in the match. Therefore, I have been getting a lot of opportunities to train myself mentally and keep the composure under pressure from playing soccer with my friends. Apart from getting psychological train, soccer helps me improve my strength as well. A full match is 90 minutes, with 45 minutes in the first half and the same amount of time in the second half. Obviously, my age does

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