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This semester I am peer-tutoring Mr. McDowell’s grade 9 Applied Science class (SNC 1P), which consists of 19 students; 9 males and 10 females. The class isn’t the quietest class, as there are about 9 students out of the 19 students that are quite loud, some louder than others. The other 10 students are very quiet. The class is very good with being organized, as there really is only 1 student that is not organized, the rest of the class so far has been very successful in this area. Dealing with classroom improvements and such, I don’t believe there is any decoration areas that I could specifically help with in the class, as the class room’s bulletin boards are already filled up with very useful charts and diagrams for the class to use, also the class is filled up with equipment and what not, leaving little place for decorations to go. Having all the equipment around the classroom though, does tend to make the classroom become very untidy, as students place equipment such as beakers and such in places where they are not actually supposed to be. Also the island around the classroom, which holds the sinks could be much more cleanly then it is at the moment, as well as Mr. McDowell’s front desk as papers and things from other classes are stacked everywhere, not very neatly. I think that is the only area where help is needed other then the help with students. The area that really is enforced on in the course I am peer-tutoring is just helping the students perform at the best that they can. To help them succeed with this, I can certainly help the students with whatever they are having troubles with when it comes to homework. Students I believe that could use some help in this class are Connor Rombough, Sarah Edgar, Amanda Sin, Celina Power, and Jessica Taggart. I could help Connor by helping get organized, with his binder and coming to class on time, also help

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