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I was surrounded by machines that were all beeping at different paces. The room was full of entangled wires, charts and metallic tools. As soon as the nurses rolled in the patient, the chattering stopped. The anesthesiologist started working on the IV, the nurse was getting the gloves, mask and the surgical gown ready for the doctor. Within five minutes, the patient was sedated and the gastric bypass was catalyzed. As the gastro-enterologists slid the camera down the patient's throat all eyes were fixed and captivated by the grasping screen. The camera was connected to a pipe which the doctor controlled through a remote. The camera traveled through the patient's mouth, down his esophagus and into the stomach. The procedure seemed laborious…show more content…
The program enables selected students to go through clinical rotations in a nearby hospital in their junior year and grow as students both on a social level but also gain responsibility in a professional setting. I joined the Health Sciences Program from my interest in biology and other applied sciences. GI Lab was one of the many departments at the hospitals where they allowed high school students to experience the real setting of self governance in the medical field. As I witnessed the procedure, I realized that ten years from now I want to wake up every morning, get to the hospital and help another doctor save a life. I want to help improve the life style of another human being with my experience and skills. I achieve self satisfaction when I help people through any means that test my skills and responsibility. Although I do understand that the path to my decision would not be easy, there will be hindrances and barricades on my way such as tougher courses in college and my maturity as a human being. But I know that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are forged under pressure. I want to be the diamond that starts like carbon but develops into the hardest stone in the

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