Futuristic Logistics Capabilities Essay

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FUTURISTIC CHALLENGES IN ENHANCING LOGISTICS CAPABILITIES OF THE INDIAN ARMY INTRODUCTION 1. Logistics in the army is Army is as old as the concept of war. In ancient times, people used to find their own knotted clubs, place of shelter and food during the time of war. Every soldier was himself responsible for obtaining his necessities. With the advances associated with time, soldiers joined larger groups and some men were assigned the task of arranging these items of necessities for their counterparts. These were among the first instances of an army logistics organization. 2. Logistics cannot be termed as an exact science as it does not follow a defined set of principles or adhere to previously laid guidelines in the same manner each time. It does not even follow a pre-defined set of tables as in case of science. Military logistics is dynamic in nature. Therefore a particular solution cannot be prescribed for every similar situation. It is primarily concerned with ensuring services and supplies at the right time, at the right place, when and where needed, in the most optimal and economical way and by making use of the best available options to do the task. 3. It, therefore, becomes imperative that the custodians of logistics of any army ensure a continous and progressive development of the logistics model followed by them, to keep pace with the advancements and improvements in their army as well as to improve their own organization and structure with a view to make their logistics support fit enough to function with minimum redundancies capable of providing foolproof logistics cover with accuracy and speed. AIM 4. The aim of this article is to analyse and suggest futuristic improvements in the existing logistics capabilities of the Inndian Army. LOGISTICS – AN EXPLANATION 5. Army logistics, also known as military logistics, refers to the art

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