Future Trends in Health Care Essay

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Future Trends in Health Care Charles addresses trends of health care delivery and innovations in electronic communications throughout this paper. The review completed by Charles Griggs explores four specific areas of interest. The first concern determines ways to improve electronic communication of patient information effectively as an external delivery method to health care providers, patients, and insurance payors. The second issue addresses distant delivery of health care information, and the third issue analyzes the effect that electronic communications have on the delivery of health care. The fourth issue determines a projection of the benefits that electronic delivery of health care information bears on future trends in health care. Applying Electronic Communications to Patient Information In considering the appropriate method of transmitting electronic patient information through electronic delivery methods organizations must determine: a. The parties involved in the interchange of patient information. b. The type of information appropriate for electronic transmission communication. Furthermore, in determining the type of information requested for transmission organizations must know the purpose of submitting patient information electronically. Organizations that transmit electronic records have the right to know the intent, and the legal steps that the requesting organization takes to protects/disposes of records at the end of the record lifecycle. Third party-requestors involved in the exchange of electronic transmission include: a. Provider to patient transmissions. b. Patient to medical provider transmissions. c. Provider to provider transmissions. d. Provider to foreign entities other than patients or other providers. During electronic record transmissions privacy issues, data integrity, and patient data protection remains the focus of

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