Future Tensions And Social Conflicts Between 1775 And 1800

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Essay Question: Consider the momentous years between 1775 and 1800. What issues did the Revolution resolve? What issues did the Constitution resolve? By placing some groups (who?) outside the “political community,” to what degree did the framers anticipate future tensions and social conflicts? Essay#4 From 1775 to 1800, those twenty-five years was an important phase for America to establish self-government and to resolve many civil issues. During those years, American Congress indeed solved numerous urgent problems and brought wealth and liberty to its citizens. However, the benefits of equality and opportunity were merely brought to certain group of rich whites, Congress still left several issues of the outside political community unsolved. This negligence exacerbated the tension among settlers and induced future social conflicts. In 1783, the Revolution War ended in American colonies resulting union defeated the British armies. The cause of the Revolution War was the stressful pressure and the stern controls which enraged American colonists. Interpreting in detail, it was the taxation act and the violation of the…show more content…
(只是跟那些有錢的白人作對比后,那些在政治圈外的人們就會覺得獨立宣言欺騙了他們,尤其黑人是這麼覺得的) Those resentments could be count as the causes of the civil war and Shay’s Rebellion. (這些怨恨與不滿可以算作是日後civil war and Shay’s Rebellion的成因)the Revolution and the Constitution left the problem of the poor and slavery uncompleted, they both anticipated in exacerbating the future armed

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