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Do you know what the hardest thing to do in life is? Well in my opinion it’s deciding exactly what you want out of your future and how you are going to get it. I consider that to be the hardest thing to do because whether you like it or not things change at the least opportune times. So many things have changed in just this past year of my life alone, so making future plans and sticking to them aren’t as easy as some people may assume. There are some many life obstacles but in the end if you set goals and stick to them you have a better chance at receiving the outcome you want for your future. Growing up I talked about doing and becoming things that are “unrealistic” like becoming a princess, the world’s biggest pop-star, marrying Usher or LL Cool J. Now looking back I see that those were all silly dreams but it’s more than what I have now. Throughout high school I had a plan of exactly what I wanted to do. The timeline was set, all I had to was take action. But now that I got off track I’ve been trying to make a new game plan, here’s what I have so far. In the near future I have a lot of plans that are strung mainly towards my Air Force career. One of my plans is to make Senior Airman BTZ (below the zone) in February 2014. Senior Airman BTZ is you can pin on E-4 (Senior Airman) from E-3 (Airman First Class) six months before you’re actual pin on date. Senior Airman BTZ is only awarded to the top Airman First Class in the Air Force, the Airmen who are considered “truly among the best”. Making Senior Airman BTZ not only gives me a pay raise but sets me up perfectly for my career in the Air Force if I decide to stay in 20 plus years. In order to get Senior Airman BTZ I have to stay active with volunteering, my schooling, and my upgrade training. Also a huge factor that would help me accomplish that goal would to earn Airman of the quarter. If

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