Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal

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FUTURE OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM PROPOSAL Even though the number of juveniles have increased and seen as no hope is available, changes are needed to improve the juvenile justice system with the help from the community, family, law enforcement support system in order to reduce the recidivism. Community Involvement Community Involvement is considered as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristics in common such as our young juveniles. Community Involvement plays a tremendous role with our juvenile youth by helping them to stay on the right path. There are a lot of community programs that will help our juvenile youth to stay focused and there are some after schools activities programs. Community Involvement have been reaching out to our at risk juveniles. Community Involvement offers some many things for juveniles. In the community there are programs such as big sister, big brother, boys and girls club. These programs offer juveniles a place to belong to instead being on the streets getting into trouble. Community Involvement is also when the community come together and teaches juveniles how to maintain their community by letting them clean graffiti off walls and help out the elders that cannot help themselves by giving young juveniles the opportunity to do their community hours in their neighborhood. Community-based leaders such as law enforcement officers, prosecutors, social service providers, judges, crime victims and others is critical in the community to improve the juvenile system and reducing youth violence (OJJDP, 2013). With this community-based help support law enforcement with the implementing innovative juvenile crime prevention and intervention efforts as part of community oriented from law enforcement. This will successfully help the community safety and prevention plan that will

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