Future of Project Management

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Future of Project Management Introduction: Prediction of future is never an easy task. Project Management delivers value by creating sustainable benefits from project output and provides value for money by managing the projects effectively. The future will be the development and increase of true " project managers", which means one will not only apply the science of project management, but also the art of strategy and leadership in a project management across wide range of industries and projects. Projects managers are the one who has to play a greater role in business and will be deliverers of value driven change. In this paper, we will take a quick look on how technological and global economy changes have impacted the profession and discipline of project management and look into what the future might hold. Back in 1980's project management was used in few sectors like technology and engineering but within couple of decades or so, project management is being used in every industry from oil and gas projects to marketing and medicine. Few years ago, only few people knew what project management was, but today everyone recognize that they need to carry out projects throughout everyday life .In the past late 90's , the focus was on tools and techniques, over 90% of IT projects were unsuccessful but present realization is that success is due to new processes, procedures, hard and soft skills, enterprise tool , PMO and attitude. Project managers who were once viewed as mere organizer or administrators alone but today they are viewed as managers and strategic thinkers who play a vital part in delivering change. Before project managers used software's on desktops now laptops to manage a range of basic tasks. Today, they can easily track people and tasks, schedule conferences and attend meeting all from their smart phones anywhere in the world. The project

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