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Future Of Pakistan Pakistan came into being in 1947 with great efforts of Muslims who wanted a separate homeland for themselves where they live independently and develop themselves as one of the great nation for that purpose they gave a lot of sacrifices. From 1947 Pakistan make progress in many sectors and many major developments occurred in different fields Some of the major developments are occurred in Pakistan are Nuclear developments, Constitutional developments, Educational developments, Technological developments, Agricultural developments and many other developments in various sectors. Though Pakistan made progress in different sectors but the progress is very slow they are still in the list of developing countries. On the basis of GDP they are ranked at 135 out of 185 countries the inflation rate is 12%, the Agriculture sector is progressing but at very low pace we can increase our Export by producing more and more because we have a good canal system but due to mismanagement of water lack of technological development and use of Old methods the averages of different crops are very low. We are seeing a bright future of Pakistan because the major part of population consisted of youth who now want change in the political system and also they are interesting to change the educational System they are interested in using the technology for getting maximum Theoretical and practical knowledge. On the other hand media is playing a vital role in countering terrorism, showing educational standards in different part of the country pointing out the different corruption activities happening in different sectors of Pakistan. The Government is one who control each of the activities taking place in public and private sectors though it failed over the recent past in bringing stability in the economy and controlling the terrorism. But now showing some positive signs as

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