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Future of Modernization Essay

  • Submitted by: donnamarielynch
  • on August 25, 2012
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Future of Modernization

July 29, 2012
Jensen Jeung

Future of Modernization
    “Modernization is the process of social change begun by industrialization” The changes of how people and things were after the Industrial Revolution is how modernization is best described (University of Phoenix, 2011). For every country we will see differences as it relates to modernization some will move at faster pace than others. During the Industrial revolution, society experienced new inventions. There were new ways of doing things which was intended to make life easier and in some cases streamline the process faster. There were some adverse effects with these revelations. In fact there are been several theories from different sociologists to explain modernization. Modernity is looked at as a way to better a person’s life. In the current times society will use the things which benefit them most. Consider horse and carriages as a means of transportation, as soon as automobiles where invented, that mode for transportation started to phase out (University of Phoenix, 2011).
Austrian born sociologist, Peter Berger, identified the major characteristics of modernization in the United States. They are;
  1. Smaller communities,
  2. Adults are becoming more aware of the future,
  3. Freedom of personal choices is increasing, and
  4. Society is more diverse than ever before.
Berger believed modernization gave capitalism the upper and hand in capitalism while taking advantage of the poorer societies. It is this theory he concedes, that communities gets smaller. He further went on to theorize that modernity involves the weakening of relatively cohesive communities, in with individuals have found solidarity throughout history. These traditional communities, in his belief, were essence of small communities (University of Phoenix, 2011).
Based on Berger’s observations, pre-modern individuals focused more on the past. With the industrial revolution, people we...

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