Future Of Law Enforcement Essay

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Indeed the question persists and lingers whether or not the computer will make it easier or more difficult for human being to know who they are really,to acknowledge and identify their problems, respond to the ever changing stress of the 21st century, to become more aware of true beauty in nature and to place more meaning on the value of life, as well as how to make the world we live much more safer than it is now. What will the US look like in the years 2015- 2020 ? In my opinion which is based on the current issues we are facing today, the years 2015 -2020 will unfold with a US economy locked into a serious round of "stagflation" - a unique combination of high unemployment and double-digit inflation. The official unemployment rates may reach as high as 12 percent though the actual real numbers will be higher. Indeed, I expect inflation to be somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. Amidst the socio-economic decline of high unemployment,,we will have to face the decline of the US dollar and the escalating price of gasoline which in turn will lead to America competing with other foreign countries for control of oil . To be certain, this then will lead to more wars which will force us to secure oil form our adversaries by military means and ensuring that we deny access to our adversaries for our own preservation. Additionally,with this chaos will come increasing wage,social programs reductions,so will the rise of state and county wide strikes will thus reign and so will the rate of crime as people sink lower into the depths of poverty. Yet today we are in world suffused with the use of computers and high tech technology. To be certain, these computers have drastically changed and continue to change every aspect of our lives in our small communities and society as a whole. Will the rise of the digital technology era be an be a tool of empowerment and

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