Future of Juvenile Courts

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Future of the Juvenile Justice System Courts: Many changes need to happen to allow a better future of the juvenile justice system. “The elimination of some of the court’s delinquency function as more and more jurisdiction over youth criminality is transferred to the adult criminal system. Another possibility is the removal or reduction from juvenile court jurisdiction of status offenses, including truancy, beyond control of parents, running away from home, and other noncriminal conduct. Instead of utilizing the juvenile court, this type of behavior would be addressed increasingly by community-based services. A third possibility is the juvenile court’s expanding jurisdiction over abuse and neglect cases.Oversight of abuse and neglect cases and of the social service agencies whichdeliver services to families has become a major portion of the work of the juvenile court” (Hanson, 1996) . “The juvenile court of the future should be able to take advantage of community resources more effectively by turning to volunteers and public-private partnerships for support. Communities seem ready to give their time and resources to children and families. The challenge for each court will be to identify the most effective ways by which communities can be organized to work with the court on behalf of children” (Hanson, 1996). Corrections: There are a few sections that need to be addressed in order to make a better future for juvenile justice system. The points are as follows: I. Create or expand county and/or regional-based treatment facilities that can absorb theyouth offender populations currently housed in state-run correctional facilities. II. Create a permanent funding stream that reallocates resources from state-run correctionalinstitutions to county probation departments. III. Establish a state-administered oversight body that provides technical assistance

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