Future of Healthcare Marketing Essay

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The Future of Healthcare Marketing Today mobile devices and social media are common means of communication also in the Healthcare segment since organizations look for more ways to reach patients. Healthcare is being marketed to consumers, and as a result, there are a lot of opportunities for hospitals and clinics to use the marketing technologies that consumer-oriented brands have been evolving for years. According to Pew Internet Research, 59 % of US adults look online for health information. Since the research was initially conducted in 2002, this number has steadily increased. Of course this has enormous implications for hospitals and health service providers in how they market their services. Serving relevant and personalized information to the online visitor is crucial in a competitive environment. Hospitals also need to have the same in depth understand on how to secure that they capture the relevant traffic, which usually starts with a search and manage a multi-touch, multichannel consumer along the communication funnel. The rules are no different here than other industries that find their online presence strategic. What may be different is how fast the shift has gone and that this is still a fairly new area to focus on many hospitals and health organizations, where print advertising, billboards and television commercials have been the traditional way to attract patients. In this recent article, EPiServer customer AJ Melanagro describes how Northshore thought about digital marketing to boost their visibility and engagement with their "customers" – current or new patients who wanted to engage online in a different way than the traditional doctor/patient relationship. Melanagro provides 5 useful tips for healthcare marketers on how to use new technology to reach patients. So, where are we headed? I can see it now, CEO, CFOs, COO, etc

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