Future Of Community Policing Essay

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I think the future of community policing falls into the hands of each police department and how they make new developments within their own community. This report will take a look at just a few different police departments and how they expect to operate in with their future plans. Florida: Overall, it can be said that Florida law enforcement agencies are making positive progress toward the implementation of community policing. In the area of training, community policing concepts are being integrated into the basic academy recruit curriculum. Field training is still significantly lacking a focus on community policing. Opportunities for advanced training in community policing are increasing. Florida enforcement agencies are creating large numbers of partnerships with federal, state, and county agencies, and with citizens’ organizations as well. This is particularly true for large agencies serving populations over 100,000. However, efforts to replace federal COPS Office dollars with local funding are only now beginning. The use of information technologies in community policing projects is laudable, but additional opportunities for direct contact with citizens via the Internet exist. Most importantly, organizational changes within Florida law enforcement agencies, particularly the largest agencies, are taking place. Efforts to better evaluate and reward officers for taking on community policing tasks, and to evaluate the overall effectiveness of community policing projects already in place need immediate attention. The survey was set up as a Web form, and agencies sent letters asking them to reply. Of approximately 400 agencies asked to fill out the survey, 73 eventually responded, a 19% response rate. The length of the form and the use of Internet technology probably accounted for the low response rate. Future use of the Internet to survey law enforcement

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