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Future husband Essay

  • Submitted by: ElenitaPiruletas
  • on December 22, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Having a good partner is an important aspect of everyone’s life, especially if you would like to start a family someday. You have to choose well about who you are going to share your time with in order to reach happiness, so you must think through qualities that you required in your couple. The main features that my future husband should have are truthfulness, nobility and passion.

Firstly, truthfulness with yourself and with other people is a main quality that I always look for in someone who is around me, my family, my friends and so specially I will require in my future husband. I think you can only get a stable couple whether you prefer to share an imperfect but true life than keep a perfect and false one. Truthfulness contains several important qualities like honesty, frankness and so faithfulness; basic pillars upon which we must to build any long-lasting relationship.

Secondly, another quality which I will look for in my future husband is nobility. Nowadays, society drive us to selfishness and others negatives values; instead   I will look for somebody kind-hearted, pretty friendly and without wickedness, who helps a old woman to carry her shopping bags, lets pregnant woman have his seat in the bus or worries about everyone who falls over on the street. Therefore, a noble man would just be the good male head of household that every woman wants.  

Finally, the most important quality which I will look for in my future husband is passion; only this feeling, which involves attraction and love, allows you distinguish between your best friend from your future partner. For example, If you don’t feel butterflies in the your stomach or get goose bumps when he appears, you don’t feel passion and that means you are not in love. Although people say that passion is a fleeting feeling, they are wrong. You must only take care of it if you want to feel it for a long time. In my opinion, passion is so...

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