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Future Home Research Essay

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Below is an essay on "Future Home Research" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Overall conclusion of the interesting trends stated in the book ‘Kijken over de eeuwgrens’ (Looking beyond the century’s border).

In the near future, the development of technologies will go with a gigantic speed. The question won’t be ‘can we make it?’ but more like ‘should we make it?’ or ‘why would we make it?’. This is because in the future more and more technologies will be developed that conflict with our moral standards. A lot of questions will (again) rise. Questions about (character changing-) drugs, ‘medic’ treatments for criminals, and privacy issues.
People will more often feel the need to create their own environment where they feel save and familiar. That will be a place where they can escape from the hectic and stressful society.
And because of the different cultures these future people come in contact with, people will use the aspects the like or appeal to them so the can create their own lifestyle.

Nowadays the interior of the home is more a combination of the interior and the exterior. More materials and colours from outside are used in the house to make the difference smaller. The nature in the home has become very important.

Picture 3: A relaxing place

More people want to rest at home, to come more out of the hectic world. The home must be a place to feel relax. It is a place where you come with your family and where you can say ‘I am at home’. Everything must be comfortable and easy to use. The home must feel safe for people and has to be individual; every person has his own feelings and his own interior. The parts have their own function, but they are all connected to each other.

Picture 4: Open space

Open space has become more important; this stimulates the effect of freedom. Maybe because of that the useful space will be smaller, but the effect of space is much greater.

Picture 5: Much light and glass

Other important aspects of the current interior are pure forms and intelligent functionality. Light has...

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