Future Colonization Of Space Essay

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Space Colonization The human race has always held an irresistible urge to venture out into the unknown for the benefit of man, science, and civilization. Throughout the ages the human race has always had an unquenchable curiosity for the unknown. We have always fed that curiosity by expanding our boundaries for the purpose of knowledge. We strive to get a better understanding of our surroundings, and to determine where we, as species, stand. From this the human race has created science, faith, and religion. These were all created as a result of our developing understanding of our environment, and give reason to everything we discover. Now I myself am not a religious person, so the following statements may hold a biased view. It is my belief that humanity created religion as a justification for the unexplainable. As our species advanced further up the evolutionary ladder we encountered even more things that we could not explain with our current knowledge, thus religion filled the gap in our understanding. As a result of this, religion has been integrated into our developing culture, and now holds an important place for many of us. There will always be a nation which holds a military supremacy, but whoever controls space controls the world, which is supreme control. If anyone had a bunch of warheads pointing at the earth and have the ability to fire at any target, the world would be at their fingertips. That is why the industrialized community, G8 and UN, must form together to create a united space military federation to govern the planet from up above. I see a greater need though for all countries of the world to form a unified government, this is the only way anyone could get enough money to colonize space, and have a multi-planetary defense system. Think big brother, only bigger. Earth contains a limited amount of natural resources, which human beings need

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