Future Climate Changes Essay

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imate * * * * * Future Climate Changes * * * * Dear Dr. Brown: * Climate change is causing many issues throughout the world. Our planet runs the risk of total annihilation within the next four or five generations. The introduction of the use of fossil fuels during the Atlantic Industrial Era has created a selfish monster in human beings, and we abuse the use and availability of the resources our planet provides to us. I believe some of it may be the natural cycle of life, but I also believe that we have caused this process to speed up, by hundreds, if not, thousands of years, and now have created a detrimental problem for ourselves and our environment. * * During the last ten years, the climate has made some drastic changes. Global warming has caused the melting of the polar ice caps in Antarctica and rivers in Australia to dry up before they can reach the ocean (Roach, 2009). The emission of greenhouse gases as a result of burning fossil fuels is causing many parts of the world to run the risk of dying completely. Reports of some animal extinction in the Arctic areas are showing proof that the climate change has already begun to take its toll. Rainforests are being destroyed and vegetation is deteriorating from lack of rainfall, due to the climate change. Many islands are disappearing into the ocean from sinking coastlines, and many areas have experienced massive natural disasters. * * If we continue to abuse resources and burn fossil fuels we run the risk of wiping out the polar ice caps completely which will destroy a lot of vegetation, kill a lot of species of animals, that depend on these environments for survival. The change in water temperature in the North Pole will cause a drastic change in climate throughout the entire Northern hemisphere. This includes increased possibilities
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