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Future Classrooms vs Traditional Classrooms Essay

  • Submitted by: Alien1Tech
  • on June 16, 2013
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Jeremy Hernandez
Professor S. L. Kelly
English 101
06 June 2013

Future Classrooms vs Traditional Classrooms
Technology has been in our classrooms since the 80’s when they invented the computer and introduced it into the school system. Now in addition to the computers, our classrooms are being shaped by the introduction of tablets, laptops, and cell phones.   Modern technology is used every day and is growing rapidly.   Some people think that because of the rate that technology is growing, it is possible that the traditional classroom may be becoming obsolete.   However, others feel that because the traditional classrooms offer too many benefits, they will not completely become irrelevant.   The challenge is finding a way to combine the best of both worlds.  
Generally in a classroom setting, there is a teacher and the students who meet at a specific time in a physical room for a specific duration.   The teacher gives the lesson and all students have the option of raising their hands to ask questions and have a dialog with the teacher about the specific lesson.   Good teachers usually have handouts, which they pass out to their students for the students to complete particular assignments.   In this environment, the students can ask questions and get immediate person to person responses from the teacher.   Additionally, the teacher may divide the class into smaller groups where students have an opportunity to interact with each other and learn from each other as well as learn from the teacher as the teacher comes around to their group.

There are many benefits with this type of learning environment.   Obviously the most visible benefit is that the students learn discipline.   They also learn how to work with others, they learn to communicate better, and they learn respect for authority and for each other.   Another benefit that can help students in other aspects of their life is learning and practicing good listening skills and taking notes while listening.
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