Future Challenges in the Fashion Industry – an Outlook for Zara and Abercrombie & Fitch

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Future challenges in the Fashion Industry – an Outlook for ZARA and Abercrombie & Fitch The Fashion Industry – a rapidly changing environment Nearly every one of us faces the same daily challenge when we get up in the morning and take a look into our closet: What should I wear today? Often, we discover that there is nothing suitable in our closet anymore and therefore feel the need to go shopping. This constant need for the latest trends makes the outerwear industry a rapidly changing business, where today’s ‘in’ can already be tomorrow’s ‘out’. Facing limited growth in the major developed markets and product categories, companies in the textile sector are challenged to leverage their strong brand recognition and high level of innovation to expand into new markets and categories in order to stay an ‘in’-brand in the future. Rapidly changing fashion trends and shorter product life cycles do not only require innovative marketing strategies, but also responsible sourcing models and efficiency in terms of the supply chain. In order to establish and maintain a long-term competitive advantage, a firm has to improve the overall value chain to ensure fast supply of new collections, as well a convincing marketing and store concept. Why is outerwear fashion a good industry to invest in? As the demand for new clothes will continue to rise, investments in the fashion industry have significant future potential. MarketLine reports: The global women’s clothing industry is marking a 12% increase in five years, expected to exceed $621 billion in 2014.1 Within this industry we analyzed two companies, Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) and ZARA, for which we predict different future outlooks. The latest development showed that customers tend to purchase clothes more frequently, with focus on diversified style options. Firms being able to adapt to this development will generate outstanding

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