Future being a disaster

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There are things which are a part of your society that may lead to disaster or our downfall. People just don’t know when to stop with anything. The obsession with money is crazy. Violence is also a huge problem with the world, people’s obsession with the war will never end. Fast food is another thing that just makes people in the world so lazy, because its fast and cheap. People in the world always look for the easiest and most fastest way out with everything now they don’t look for the safest way out anymore. Money is the best thing in the world to everyone, if you don’t have it you don’t have anything and you are not anyone then. What the world will do just for money is crazy. I understand working hard for what you deserve and then spending it on what you need but other people that don’t have jobs look for other ways to get it. Like women, they will strip, do porn anything just for money which is crazy. Also all the drugs people steal and then sell illegally there days is out of the extreme. Also for example, thinking about all the kids in some of my classes that I have seen wear shoes more then a hundred dollars but I have heard them complain about money before makes me wonder where do they get the money to get shoes that expensive if they don’t have money. Money is always needed in the world to survive of course. Money will never find you happiness if you make it illegally or sell yourself for it. The world will never get along. We all know that but people choose to solve those problems violently and starting war’s in the world. I highly doubt violence will ever end. Imagine what it will do to people in the future, it will destroy the world eventually and everyone with it. People fight over peace, money, and land the most in this world and it will destroy the world apart one day if we don’t find a way to solve it in the future. No wonder
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