Future Aspirations Essay

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Future Aspirations/Career Goals I would like the opportunity to work in the Health Care setting as I am an extremely passionate and inspired to help people with their lives especially when they need support in their everyday duties. The Intraining course for Health and Social Care that I am attending teaches me new knowledge regarding Health Care legislations and about the industry. Through this, I have gained new skills such as, first aid and moving and handling which will be very useful to me when I am a Care Worker. I would like the opportunity to work for Baxter Care Life as I would be able to attend additional training courses that are available which would further my career in the future , to be employed within care settings and be a competent qualified carer. My future goals are to be employed by the NHS or private hospitals and possibly work my way up to a supervisor role. * The qualifications I would like to achieve are: * Medication * Dementia Awareness * Food and Hygiene * NVQ 2 * NVQ 3 These qualifications would lead me to more job opportunities in the future within the health care settings. This will give me stability and allow me to settle into a job which I enjoy. My aspiration is to help vulnerable individuals with respect and dignity and treat each of my service users equally without discrimination. I also want to create professionally relationships with my service users which will then help to build trust. Also, I would like to have a healthy balance between work and my social life so that I won’t be stressed and tired which means I can enjoy going to work whilst still occupying my hobbies. My most important goal is to be an extremely good carer which will help me achieve my career goals and aspirations and to be able to work full-time gaining confidence to fulfil my
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