Fur Is Not a Fashion Statement

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Fur, is NOT a fashion statement. But what does this mean. Years ago fur was very popular and worn often. Its soft, it’s warm and it’s cosy. But back then the problem was that they new that they were killing animals but they didn’t care because there was heaps of them. But not so much today… Animals such as cheetahs and grizzly bears are being extinct due to their fur. They are wonderful creatures that do no harm. Fur trappers set out traps in and near the animals native homes and just wait for it to come along and get caught in it. For example there is the leg trap this is a very sad and painful death. Leg traps are metal teeth like traps that will snap at whatever steps on it; this will instantly break the animal’s leg. Many animals will try to get free by biting its leg of. This causes the animal to die of exhaustion. It can also die of exposure, frostbite, shock or the attack of other predators and yet people still wear fur. There are many more types of traps for example there is the cage traps, snares, glue traps, body gripping traps ECT. Many animals are killed for there fur for instance squirrels, skunks, martins, rabbits, racoons, lambs, kangaroos, dogs, seals and much MUCH more are killed for their fur. In China, dogs and cats are increasingly being killed for their fur. They are skinned alive, then either suffocated, hanged, bludgeoned or left to bleed to death. Then they are made into coats, gloves, handbags and toys. Did you know that to make 1 fur coat it takes around 300 squirrels? Yes there are plenty of them, but that does not mean they should be killed. Also did you know that it takes around 20 dogs to make a fur coat? What if it was your dog, your friend’s dog or your grandparent’s dog? Whoever’s dog it is, it’s not right to kill. It should be loved and cared for, not being turned into fashion. So next time you think about buying a

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