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Funny Boy And Billy Elliot -Sexual Orientation Doe Essay

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  • on January 18, 2011
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Homosexuality is a concept containing so many perspectives that a single definition is far too simple to illustrate its meaning. The literal definition, as found in the dictionary, describes it as “sexual desire or behavior towards a person of one's own gender” (Dictionary.com Unabridged, page 1). However, being so negatively viewed upon by society, this term has been developed into a generic insult. It is believed by society that homosexuals lack masculinity. This idea of homosexuality is a major theme in the film Billy Elliot and the novel Funny Boy. Both Billy and Arjie enjoyed participating in female activities, thus being associated with the negative interpretation of “gay”. However, both characters had courage – a trait that is believed to be very masculine. It is evident that Billy and Arjie contradict society’s idea of homosexuals lacking masculinity considering that they had the courage to disobey family by means of personal purposes, to disregard society’s opinions, and to undergo self discovery.
Disobeying one’s family is an act that requires a lot of courage. Families set rules within the household to maintain their families beliefs. Children generally obey these rules because they fear of getting disowned or punished by the elders. In Billy Elliot and Funny Boy, the rule of “gender roles” is strictly enforced in the families. Billy and Arjie had difficulty dealing with this rule because they enjoyed participating in feminine activities. Having very strict families, Billy and Arjie put forth a lot of courage to disobey them for the sake of pursuing their passion. In Billy Elliot, after Billy’s father found out about Billy dancing, his father was very angry since ballet did not fit Billy’s “gender role”. As intimidating as his father was, Billy was persistent learning ballet regardless. In most occasions, people would not have the courage to disobey their family, as Billy did, in order pursue their passion. Similarly, Arjie had disobeyed his family when...

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