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Respond Paper Assignment Art Appreciation 1301 Section 10 Dallas Museum of Art “Gustav Stickley and the American Arts & Crafts Movement” Gustav Stickley (1858 – 1942) Sideboard: Designed 1902, Executed 1908 Media – Oak, Plywood, Iron By – Craftsman Workshops Closet Artwork to Sideboard: 1. Dining Table No.935 2. Armchair Word Counted: 646 Gustav Stickley is known to be part of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. He is portrayed to be one of the most leading artist or a craftsman in 1900s. Through his unique work, he seeks ways to promote sales as well as to reinforce his artistic identity. In Dallas Museum of Art exhibition, many of Stickley’s art pieces are brought to attention to the public. However, the main highlight of them is his recreation of the dining room presented during my visit. The exhibition space is dedicated to Stickley. It consists of wooden furniture, metalware, handmade textiles and some of his architectural drawings. Gustav Stickley has some unique subject matters for his artwork which are the revolution of human ideas. As I looked through all of the art that was present in this event, I learned that Stickley was trying to depict how the element of design of the furniture looked like back in early 20th century. Besides that, I feel that the artist is also trying to recreate the type of lifestyle lived by the American people during the Modern Art period. In this exhibition, over one hundred of his artworks were shown. They were all laid out in precise manner according to different style of artworks he produced throughout his career. Based on my observation, Stickley made several types of armchairs and tables but all of them were made in different styles. They were placed all in different sections of exhibition hall. This clearly tells that his artworks changed over time,

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