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[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic][pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Contents • Preface • Introduction • Appearance Etymology • History • Scientific classification • Habitat, ecology, and distribution • Description • Morphology • Chemical composition • Uses • References Preface:- Fennel is an important spice and it is used to flavor the food or as a source of condiment. It is cultivated in small gardens and home yard gardens in almost all the provinces of India .It grows vigorously at high altitude. It has become an important crop for lower level farmers due to its ease of cultivation and a lot of uses. Fennel is also important in medicinal formulation due to which its demand of production is continuously increasing .It easily increase the profit if lower level farmers with few expenses. So this crop is important for marginal farmers to increase their income. Introduction:- Fennel is a species of kingdom plantae and belongs to Foeniculm(genus). Most of the scientist of botany believes that it is a sole species of this genus.And the family to which it belongs is Apiaceae which was formerly called as umbelliferae.It is a perennial plat herb which is umbelliferous. Flowers are yellowish and leaves have feathers. It is originally found on the shores of sea Mediterranean. But can also be found in many other places of the world. Its natural habitat is sea shores and banks of rivers. This herb is rich in aromatic compounds and have flavor and have taste just like anise.Base of fennel plant can be used as vegetable. In larval stage some members of lapidopterauses this fennel plant as food. In Hindi generally fennel is known as saunf.

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