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The R.S.D funfair and disco 2006 was different for me because this year I am a pupil but when I had been there previously with my dad, mum and sisters. This year I had to participate in the fund raising, as 1st year practically the whole year was very excited as most of are form had never been to the funfair before. Are form spent weeks trying to organise the different activities each group was going to do on the night. Everybody was looking forward to the games e.g. Lucky dip, nail art ect. Most of us were allowed to stay for the disco and again this was the first disco for a lot my age had been to. When I met my friends before we left school were all so excited and chatting about what we were going to wear and how long it took us to pick out our clothes most people said half an hour but it only took me about ten or fifteen minutes ,we discover that jeans was the most popular. The noise in the sports hall was getting louder by the minute as more people started to arrive, there were also lots of children there as well as older broths and sisters. There were lots of fun games to play but the best game would have to be a man dressed up as a clown who made characters out of balloons, the characters he made were fantastic. During the funfair we had great fun trying out all the different activities in the hall and I also met lots of friends from my primary school and we had a good chat. It seemed no time until all the games were over and it was time to get the hall cleared for the disco. The parents began to leave and we all gathered to get into the disco. Before the ’balloon man’ left he gave Michelle and I a large monkey balloon which is the same height as us and we call it Frank. After paying £3 we got into the flashing lights and loud music of the disco in the hall. There were lots of teachers there but they obviously only came to supervise because Mr Turner

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