Funeral Practices Essay

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Introduction A funeral is a ceremony that is carried out to mark the death of a person in which the corpse of that particular person is buried or cremated. It marks the passing on from life to death. The funeral practice includes prayers, rituals and memorials that differ from different ethnic groups depending on the culture of each group. The ceremony may be religious but that depends only on the belief of the family of the dead person. When one person from a family dies, the members of that family spare time to mourn the death of their loved one for a certain period of time. Funerals are for the living and they gather for the purposes of sharing stories of the loved one who has departed in order to come terms with the pain caused by losing them. The Native American funeral practices When a person dies, family members take the responsibility of looking after the dead such as washing the body and dressing it, and later putting it in the casket. The body is then preserved with refrigeration using ice, and is honored for around two to four days and embalming is avoided before the day of the burial. During this period, the dead body is never left alone, and the family members also give a person time to go and talk to the deceased and some of them even scold the dead asking them why they left the other people mourning for their death. Some of the families put in some of the personal items that belonged to the deceased inside the coffin of the dead such as jewelry, and they dress them with regalia to prepare them to the next world. During the mourning period, pipes are smoked to help communicate with the dead, telling them not to cause harm to the living and not to let the living follow the dead soon. The time that would spent on the ceremonies of the burial practices depends on the culture, some of which believed that the body is supposed to be disposed off

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