Funeral of Muslims vs Funeral of Buddhists Essay

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Funeral of Muslims vs Funeral of Buddhists “Every door may be shut but the death’s door.” Hence, in no way can anyone in this mystical celestial body, which we call as Earth, escape from this natural law. Though we are living in the advanced technologically century, most of us still believe that we will continue our life in another world after we die. Due to this reason, many people lay emphasis on their funeral, which is the last significant event in their life. Typically, every race will organize their funeral according to their own religious customs. There are numerous sameness and unlikeness between the funeral of Muslims and the funeral of Buddhists; the preparation before burial, the period before burial and the process during burial. First and foremost, the preparation before burial is one of the aspects that can be compared among the funeral of Muslims and the funeral of Buddhists. Not only do the Muslims but also the Buddhists, after a person died, the body of the deceased will be cleaned by their family members such as their live partners or their children. Even more importantly, the Muslims will be helped by their priest, which is imam in order to make sure that they follow all the Islamic rituals, while the Buddhist will be helped by the funeral director. The undertakers will be hired by those deceased’s families to lend them a helping hand so that an elaborate funeral can be organized. After the dead’s body cleaned, the Muslim’s deceased will be covered by three white clothes; the first one covers the upper part of body, another one for the lower part and the last one will cover the whole body, which is from the head until the feet. In contrast, the Buddhist’s departed will wear the formal dressing or their favorite clothing and the undertakers will help them to make up in order to make them look nicer. The Buddhist will be placed in a coffin which

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