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Great commercial advertisement brings great impact. Imagine you are sitting on the comfy couch in the living hall, with members of the family, watching a stereotype Malay drama in what Roald Dahl called the ‘idiot box’ and the commercial break is on. An exceptionally interesting and inspiring public service message plays and the whole family will just remain seated watching the advertisement. I am sure it will bring a great impact to the family members especially if the advertisement is specifically about family values, having a great bottomless meaning and close to our heart. This will definitely proof Roald Dahl wrong. ‘Funeral’, a TV commercial launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) of Singapore has succeeded to do so and I personally think that it is one of the best commercial advertisements ever made. ‘Funeral’ wants us to know about the beauty in death and the lesson it teaches. For when someone dies, it's only then do we start reminiscing and appreciating what we failed to do before. We remember old memories, buried in the depths of our minds. It is regret that mostly fills us. A reminder that death can knock on our door anytime and we, humans, are humble to God's will. However, death is not the main point of the commercial, instead, it promotes something more meaningful. People of the world fear marriage because we have been told to look for the perfect one. Marrying an imperfect person will just bring catastrophe to the marriage and that is why most of us are reluctant to get married. This global disease has been observed by the late Yasmin Ahmad, a legendary award-winning Malaysian filmmaker whom also written and directed the commercial ‘Funeral’. The commercial, which won various awards including two of the highest awards at the 2009 Kancil Awards, completely denies the need of us to find a dreamily perfect spouse.

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