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People experience many rites of passage, an ultimate transition of everyone’s journey, but the final a person must enter is the death. Funeral ceremony marks the end and shows the grief of the loved one who has died. All Vietnamese’s funerals are unique and meaningful but still have things in common: poem, clothes and a funeral procession. Funeral verse is an important feature of any funeral. Many people read it at a funeral because it is their way to saying the last goodbye to the departed. A poem allows people to shows others their love for the person and how much the deceased meant to them. Poetry also can help ease, comfort the families from the bereavement and pay a lasting keepsake to the person who has just passed away. Others feature is the special mourning clothing. The deceased’s sons and daughters dress turbans and robes during the period of mourning. They are usually white because it basically represents for the grieving. In addition, descendants wind white headbands and daughters of the departed cover white muslin veils. Meanwhile, the funeral guests wear black colours. It is like a color for sorrow or sadness and shows others that you feel depressed that the person died. The most important part of the ceremony is the funeral procession. It is the official state rites of funeral ceremony. Descendants, relatives, and friends, join in funeral procession to send off the dead to the resting place. The eldest son brings the urn and walks in front of the coffin while the descendants and others stand in line for walk behind with the head bowed. At the cemetery, the family ignites incense and expresses the respect to relatives who are rest in peace in the same grave site. When the bearers of the coffin begin to bury, the emotions of wailing and crying are growing because it is the last chance for mourners to say goodbye. Each person

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