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Top 101 Fundraising Ideas #101 Watermelon Feast Buy a bunch of watermelons and sell it by the slice. Have a donation box, too. This is a good one to do after your church softball games or school event. Items needed: Watermelons Napkins A knife to cut the watermelons A box or jar to collect donations Time required: 30 min. to one hour Amount you can expect to raise: $25- $100 How you can make it happen: 1. Announce the watermelon feast a week or so before you plan to have it. 2. Keep the watermelon on ice to keep it cold. 3. Be generous with your slices to make them worth the money. 4. Have games and music to make it more fun. #100 Grapefruit Seed Donations Buy or get a donation of a box of grapefruit, apples, and oranges or use the watermelon from the previous fundraising idea. Go door-to-door or do this at a get together. Give each person a piece of fruit and ask them to donate 25 cents per seed. Don’t use bananas, peaches or kiwis for obvious reasons. Items needed: Fruit Time required: 1 or 2 hours Amount you can expect to raise: $25- $100 (at 25 cents per seed) How to make it happen: 1. Buy a box of fruit or see if a grocery store would be willing to donate it to you. 2. Go door-to-door or distribute the fruit at the event. 3. Have each person count their seeds and collect the money in a jar. # 99 Shopping List Make a list of things you will need for the trip that is not included in the base price. The things can consist of soap, shampoo, bug spray, medical shots, sleeping mat, etc. Send this list out to potential supporters or post in at your church and then they can purchase the items for you. Items needed: Shopping list Time required: 30 min. (this will actually save you time because you will have less shopping to do) Amount you can expect to raise: $25-

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