Funding To School Persuasive Essay

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Funding to schools these days is quite horrific. Young students who don’t give two donuts about their work are ruining our school systems. They become lazy in school, get disgusting grades, and then make the school reduce government funding because it seems like the teacher is a deficient educator, when in reality, it is the students personal fault. Teachers across the planet have been searching for the solution to this epidemic. Finally, I have found the solution. If a child in the 4th grade is not making an unweighted GPA of 4.0, they will be sent to work on farms to do 10 hour work days of pure labor only making 1 riffraff dollar a day. This will limit many children from the school system and bring out only the agile students, which will fund more money to the school. Adolescent children in this modern keen society are just not making an effort to make efficient grades. The only way we can fix this dilemma is to take a stand and expel students from school for not making commendable grades. We must send them to a nearby farm and give them inflexible work that takes eternity to finish. We will make them plant 68,000 apple trees and then go back and change them to orange trees. This will be the exertion for only one child. This of course, is only the morning…show more content…
They may only cut up to 2 pieces of grass per clip. If this number is exceeded, the child will run 8 miles all uphill in quick sand. We are of course, teaching them a lesson of what hard work and determination is. Or at least that’s what we say we are doing. Plus, we hope the child is thinking of the smart children who are sitting in class reading an elaborate story and having snack time. Then the child can get back to work and “mow” the grass. When all yard work is ceased, they may clean up for their 6-minute dinner. The dinner consists of cow liver, pig feet, and goat milk. We aspire that they enjoy the meal and are

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