Fundementals of Research Essay

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Fundamentals of Research Paper With the human service field there are many factors that come into play with making an organization to successful as well as to be able to keep their doors open. Often time’s research plays a big role into how an agency functions, provides their services, and what services they actually provide. The scientific method for research actually can play an important role in a human service agency, especially if there is a certain epidemic that they want to take a look into. The scientific method is a form of research that is used to establish and find data when a problem has been identified that an individual or a group would like to look into. The scientific method relates to the human service field just like it relates to any other profession. When the human service field finds an area that they would like to address or investigate they have to conduct a research. A lot of the data and statistics that they have or use comes from the scientific method. Sometimes they data that comes from the research are very crucial and important. It could be important because it has to do with the services that they provide and how well they provide it. It could also be very crucial to an agency because the data collected could greatly affect the funding and grants that they receive or will be receiving. The first step of the process of scientific method is to distinguish the purpose; this is a statement of what is wanted to be found out and what is to be accomplished. The next step is to create the hypothesis; this is a proposed statement of how an individual thinks they can solve the problem. For example they can say "If I (blank) then it will (blank)." Then there is the experimentation stage, this step is where tests are developed in order to prove or disprove the stated hypothesis. During this stage it is important to observe what is
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