Fundaraising For Sucess Chapter 8-9 Summary

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CHAPTERS 8-9 How to Find the Big Givers Rich people will support politicians first then the charities that make their lives nicer. Many organizations categorize any one who gives more than $50 a major donor, others $1000. The first place to look for major gifts must be with the board of directors, volunteers, and senior staff of the organization. If they do not want to give, who will? There are many resources from where to analyze who are the individuals who give the most money to charity. Such as newspapers, magazines, reference books, and nonprofit sources. However, caution is advised, as many of these sources are out of date. It is vital to keep up-to-date records on all the donors and your best prospects. Prospect research is now recognized as a profession. The Big Gift-Now asking person to person for big gifts is the fastest way to raise the most money with the least expense. The best speakers to ask for large contributions are people who have personally made major gifts to the same cause. It is also beneficial to include someone who has been helped by the cause. The CEO is also a very important person who could ask for major donations. How to ask is very important. “The close of the gift, and the cultivation of the next gift, begins when the prospect says yes”(p. 155). If you receive a “no”, it is fine, just call back in a couple of months or years. Most people like to be acknowledged when they make major contributions. The staff’s role is to manage the overall campaign. Where to ask is fundamental, you have to know to ask where the prospect wants to be asked. And you must also know when never to ask, such as a party. Additionally, clubs are a strategy to urge annual donors to give more money every

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