Fundamentals of Interpersonality Class Week 3 Essay

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Jennifer Humphrey Facts/Inferences Essay Individual Work Week 3 SPC2300-88 A recent conversation that took place around me was between my parents and my dad’s friends. Last night there was a lot of partying going on, and my boyfriend got irritated and being concerned about my health, and my dad’s health, called the police. He didn’t call to necessarily get anyone in trouble; he called because he was trying to get my dad some help. My dad is an alcoholic, and also smokes marijuana, and with my medical problems and me being in pain management, he knows that if any drugs other than what I am prescribed turn up in my system, I will get kicked out of pain management. So, being concerned about me, and tired of everything going on around here, he called the police. My dad only got a ticket for it; but he kicked my boyfriend out this morning. Which has me all upset, and I’m not sure what to do about anything at all at the moment. The conversations that I’ve heard were basically everyone, except my dad ironically, talking bad about my boyfriend. Everyone was basically saying that he’s a piece of crap, and he’s no good. He’s a “narc,” and a lot of other things that didn’t need to be said at all, because no one else understands why it was done. They don’t still, they’ve all been talking bad about him, even since he’s been gone. My dad came in my room last night and said that he knew that my boyfriend was concerned about me (my health), and him (my dad) even, because we’ve been trying to talk to him and tell him that he’s been drinking too much, and he should think about slowing down, because we are worried about him. My dad lost his best friend back in July, and he’s been on, what seems to me, a downward spiral, with the drinking and everything. Everyone around here insinuated that my boyfriend had ill intentions in this. Basically that he was trying to

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