Fundamentals of Efffective Communication Essay

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication Charmeka Watts Professor Craig Introduction to Business 02/09/2014 With previously working in a call center environment, effective communication was crucial. My role while working in the call center was a phone banker coach. The responsibilities of a banker coach was to, coach newly hired phone bankers the basics of taking a calls. I was required to teach them a call flow which included an introduction, how to service the call, making a sales suggestion, and ending the call. Being effective with communicating was key because, the new bankers relied on what they were being told from banker coaches. I would often have to sit with bankers to help get them through a call. Once they learned the nature of taking calls, they were able to handle calls on their own. Also with taking calls, there were goals that each banker must meet on a daily basis. I also guided the bankers to reaching or exceeding the goals that were set forth by senior leadership. There are several reasons why I perceived the communication between the banker coach and banker to be effective. One, if the communication was not effective, than the banker would not know the simple steps to get through a call. Two, the banker wouldn’t have the proper knowledge on how to service the call, based on the customer’s situation. Three, the banker would not know what clues to listen for, nor what to look for on an account for a sales opportunity. Since the bankers were taught with my effective communication skills, the business makes money. It makes money because, banker is able to service the call and make a sales suggestion within 4 minutes. The businesses lose money, when the bankers are not doing that. So with having the communication, bankers can succeed in their role. This not only makes the business money, but the bankers as

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