Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Work Place

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Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the Work Place Iiesha Mosby Professor David Kimble, PMP Business/100 November 4, 2013 Effective communication can helps us as people see a broader perspective and understand each other better and make for a better work environment by building confidence and admiration, and to create environments where we can have creative thoughts, problem solving, responsiveness, and caring can flourish. Communication is a message we try to convey to others and what in return they are trying to convey to us at that point we can understand each other which normally brings some peace of mind to conflicts and frustrations that come about in a day to day setting whether it be personal or work related relationships. Once you have learned the values to communicating you have than created a better connection with everyone that you come in contact with on day to day basics from your home all the way to the office without barriers. Communication has been said to be more effective when it is spontaneous (Essays, 2013). Not enough communication in the workplace can cause for an uncomfortable and unproductive environment for those involved and everyone surrounding the issues. Effective communication issues can come from any area of the business whether it is personality conflicts, educational backgrounds or personal management (Trenton, 2011). Describe a time when you experienced effective communication in a business environment. In the last months at my current employer the environment was very quirky and we as employees could sense something were going wrong but hadn’t heard anything verbally. The president of the company was performing her day to day job in such manner that she hadn’t previously done so before. She was having one on one meetings with employees, inviting departments to have brown bag lunch, engaging in more conversation
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