Fundamentals of E-Business: Website Critque Essay

689 WordsDec 13, 20133 Pages Barnes and Nobel is the web site I chose for this assignment. The website for this company is I chose this company because I am familiar with it and use it frequently. I also chose it because it is an online B2C retail store referred to as an e-tailer. is an example of a brick-and-click e-tailer, meaning that the web site is a subsidiary of the physical store. Barnes and Nobel has made steps to further integrate its brick and mortar store with its web site by giving online shoppers the ability to return products to any of the stores. This was the number one request from its internet customers (Rosencrance, 2000). Barnes and Nobel also meets the criteria for this assignment because they use social net working sites such as FaceBook and can be found at @BNBuzz and @BNTweetDeals on Twitter. They have blogs, discussion boards and podcasts on their web site as well. Additionally, Barnes and Nobel use a vendor portal, a web-based electronic communication of purchase orders and invoices (Barnes & Nobel Book Sellers, 2009). Critiquing Criteria The criteria I will use to critique include the following: 1. Evaluation Point: Performance, Usability, and Design • Does the site load quickly? Do graphics download quickly? • Are special plug-ins or applications required? If so, are there links provided? • Is the homepage organized and easy to understand? • Are navigation choices clear and easy to use? • Is information easily located without needing multiple clicks? • Does the site contain a search engine and site map? • Are there broken or bad links? • Is the font easy to see and read? • Does the design present a good first image or is it distracting? • What is the search engine placement for the website? Is it among the top three sites or buried? 2.

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