Fundamentally Computer Essay

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Daniel Marino Professor Fucetola Computer Literacy 27 January, 2013 The goal I have for this class is to fundamentally understand computers much better. The course is supposed to have students interact with computer hardware, and software. Microcomputers aren’t relevant to me, but I look forward towards learning more about it. My major goal I have for this course is to develop a better understanding of an computer. I look forward to analyze, gather, and organize information. I know that the computer has a social and ethical aspect towards society that’ll be brought up in this course, as well. To continue, a computer is an extremely high-tech form of technology. In chapter 1, I read that we’ll go over password security. That’s very relevant to me. On the other hand, in the same chapter, the book goes over how computers represent data and convert letters. That information isn’t relevant at all for me. In chapter 4, Section E, the book talks about data files, which is relevant to me. The main chapters that I know a little information about are chapters 1,3,4,6,8. The chapters that I have close to no experience with are chapters 2,5,7. I know a little bit of information about the major software, and hardware information that’s being brought up. But on the other hand, In the chapter 2 I have no idea what a microprocessor is. In chapter 5, I have a little knowledge about Wi-Fi security, and in Chapter 7, I’m very unaware of e-commerce websites. In conclusion, I look forward to developing a better understanding of this course. They’re more things that I don’t know about computers, then I do know. With that being said, I look forward to switching those two around by the end of the semester. This course has a lot of information in it, but I’m looking forward to understanding it more thoroughly. The

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