Fundamental Lawyering Skills Planning Protocol Simulation 1

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Fundamental Lawyering Skills Spring 2014 (Professor Lebovits) Planning Protocol for Simulation 1 Lindsey Huddle & Oren Rafii Client: Taylor 1. What are your goals for this initial client meeting? Why do you believe these goals are important? Our primary objective is to better understand Taylor’s reasons for divorcing his/her spouse and Taylor’s goals with respect to the legal, financial, and child custody aspects of the separation. Once we have a better understanding of Taylor’s situation and desired outcomes, we will provide him/her with a general set of potential options and solutions along with information about retaining our firm. We believe that our goals are important because we want Taylor to feel comfortable entrusting us with such a life-changing matter. By getting a better sense of Taylor’s reasons for divorce and desired outcomes, we will be better positioned to pursue a result that will satisfy him/her. Moreover, if Taylor decides he/she wants a divorce, we will be able to identify the whether there may be any issues that could stall or inhibit the process. 2. Develop an outline for the meeting that includes, at a minimum, the topics to be covered and the sequence in which you plan to discuss them. Part One: Introduction *Thank Taylor for coming into the office today. *Agenda – We will talk about Taylor’s situation, and then we will lay out possible options and solutions for going forward. *Remind Taylor that this is a free consultation and that we can also discuss options for retaining the firm. *Ask if Taylor has spoken to any other attorneys regarding this matter? *Remind Taylor that our discussion is confidential (even though the firm sent him/her a Statement of Client rights) *?(ask whether she has any documents that she brought in that she may like to show us)? Part Two: Client Questions

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