Fundamental Concepts of Human Interaction

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Fundamental Concepts of Human Interaction Christine Walters PSY 300 March 31, 2014 Kathy Rupe Fundamental concepts of human interaction from the perspective of social psychology Specific behaviors and the context in which they occurred Ever since we joined college, my friend has not been able to talk to girls, and he seems to have a phobia for women in general. However, during the last weekend of February, we went to a club and he had several drinks. Suddenly, he turned into this talkative and social young man that I had not seen before. During this drinking session at the club, he was able to sustain a romantic talk with several girls, and was lucky to have been given contacts by one of them so they could connect later. However, on Saturday morning when he had sobered up, it became impossible for him to even call the girl on phone. Analysis of possible precursors and consequences of the behaviors This behavior can be attributed to self-esteem and self-confidence problems, where the club setting and the influence of alcohol are the precursor for my friend talking to women. Thus, it simply means that my friend has self-esteem problems, and that is why his behavior changes towards social and friendly behavior to women when in the club and under the influence of alcohol, but his behavior changes to a more withdrawn, reserved and uninterested attitude towards women, when he is not under the influence of alcohol, and when the social situation changes from a club to normal life setting like the college environment. Associated phenomenon with behaviors Social psychology primarily analyzes the manner in which the behaviors, feelings and thoughts of people are influenced by the presence of others (Mcdougall, 1908). My friend is not able to talk to women under normal circumstances, but he is able to do that comfortably when intoxicated,
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