Fund of Management Lesson 3 Essay

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Scott Adams: Is his viewpoint beneficial for future entrepreneurs? Scott Adams is an idiot. Dilbert cartoon strips portray all of the working world as idiots, with varying degrees of idiocy at different points in the work process. Adams depicts that Corporate America seems to thrive on idiocy; his view shows more of those examples from the position of subordinates being directed by unqualified, idiotic management. Becoming an entrepreneur is a risky choice, but does not remove one from the list of “Corporate America Idiots.” Scott Adams choice to create his own business I believe came from the need to succeed on his own terms. He wanted to have the freedom to be creative, think outside the box, and not be penalized for signing documents in the wrong color ink. The hoops that one would have to jump through on a daily basis, just to make the boss look good seemed never-ending. The glass ceiling was always hovering above him, and no matter how much education he had, that was never going to make his position any more desirable to him or the corporation he worked for at the time. I think that he found delight in something, and decided that being a little happier meant stepping away from a large corporation and becoming his own boss. Does that make him exempt from being one of those idiots he portrays in Dilbert cartoons? I think it does not. We’re all idiots with a varying degree to which we express it. Scott Adams has said and done some questionable things publically. He is human just like the rest of us. In starting his business, Adams first used his power of observation. Because he held a variety of positions over the years, he was able to see the process of what a successful business could be. He participated in each position and got to know each intimately. In starting his own business, he had the knowledge from each previous position

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