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Things to do to raise money for the BH community Bar B Que * Invite the community to join you for a community Bar B Que. This low-cost fundraiser can bring in significant donations if we promote it well and attract a crowd. Find a low-cost or free venue to host the Bar B Que, such as the Mt Hope school hall. We can choose a simple meal that can make in bulk, like Fried Rice, Salad and Chicken or fish. Sell tickets that cover the cost of the food and provide a profit. During the meal, we can have a DJ that provides guests with information about the charity and set up donation jars in case donors want to give more. Pledge Drives * One way to get the community participating in our charity is a pledge event. At these fundraisers, participants ask family and friends to donate money to support what BHMC are doing. For example, you can host a 5k walk and participants can secure pledges to support the efforts. We can also hold a dance marathon where participants dance, or stay on their feet, for 24 to 48 hours to raise money. In this fundraiser, donors can offer contributions for every minute or hour that the participant dances. During these events, we can display pictures of what the BHMC want to achieve for the community, such as painting of building etc. Bake/Cake Sale * Bake sales have long been one of the most popular ways of raising funds for communities’ organizations and social clubs etc. They can be great moneymakers because there is little or no actual capital required. All of the baked goods can be donated by persons within the community. Bake sales are also known as community social events. People enjoy getting together over a common goal. Whether it's the people behind or in front of the table, they just love to mix and mingle at a bake sale. Ask volunteers within the community to bake cakes, cookies etc. Limit variations to about 5 or

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