Functions of Research in Health and Social Care

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In this essay I will be explaining the functions of research in Health and Social Care sectors, why they are important and why professionals use Research to help improve their services. I will then go on to talk about the functions of research and why research is used and important in the criminal rehabilitation process of young offenders. Identifying needs Researching is being used to identify the needs of all individuals by health and social care workers who are responsible in care planning. The information and data which is collected as the result of research help the professionals to make the correct decisions about treatment or care to meet the individual’s needs. Some people may have very similar needs when it comes to treatment and or care but before new treatments and care plans are introduced it is important to carry out a research project or study to investigate the benefits of others. Charities and organisations whose purpose is to raise awareness and improve the care of individuals with illnesses, diseases or disorders can base and focus their research on better diagnosis so that they can identify people’s needs earlier as they can then start to help the patient/client by ensuring the correct treatment is given to them as soon as possible. Highlighting the gaps in provision Highlighting the gaps in the provision that is already available is important for health and social care workers also. This is because that gap could be affecting a huge amount of people who are ill or need assistance and can’t get the help that they need because the services just aren’t available to them. The needs of communities are constantly changing and new gaps in provision appear over time. If a gap in the system or services is pointed out, the professionals can then start to work to fill the gap, in turn helping the people who need it and providing them with the health
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