Functions of Management Facebook Essay

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The Four Management Functions of Facebook Facebook is one of the best and most popular online sources of communication out there. It covers all four functions of management, leading, organizing, planning and controlling. Facebook was created in February of 2004, so that college students could connect with one another and it has grown from there. So for the past seven years people have been using Facebook as one of their main forms of communication. It has helped people reunite with family and friends but it has not come without difficulties. There are many internal and external factors that affect how Facebook implements the four functions of management. Facebook is more than just a social network it’s a billboard for companies to advertise and to get close to their consumers. Facebook has become the incomparable online social networking site and global business giant, reaching more than 500 million users. It has changed the way we communicate to others across the world. Facebook was originally created by Mark Zuckerberg so fellow Harvard students could view pictures of female students that were attending Harvard and rank them on who was more attractive. Because of the ongoing popularity, Zuckerberg brought on a team of three to help further the development of the social network. Mark Zuckerberg received financial help from Eduardo Saverin to buy and support the network servers. Zuckerberg and his team started brainstorming ideas however; they never intended to for the site to grow so big and never started with a business plan. Their focus was on who they wanted their customers to be (college students), what those customers needed (to broaden their social networks), and how to deliver the goods (Roberts, 2010). Not focusing on profits helped them stay miles ahead of

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